Meet The Arctic Van: a 4x4 diesel 2018 Ford Transit cargo van, medium roof, 148” wheel base (non-extended).


Dani is in the process of converting an empty cargo van into a tiny home!  The van is being built to withstand the coldest environments and explore the trails less travelled.


Key features of the Van:

  • Diesel Heater: the main heat source
  • Mini Woodstove: the remote backcountry heat and cooking source
  • Outside Shower: to wash off muddy gear and happy, muddy dogs! Hot water heater included.
  • NW Conversions 22 Gallon Water Tank: Custom designed to fit over the awkward rear wheel-well shape.
  • Vancillary Headliner Shelf: to double the amount of storage space in the bulkhead area of the van
  • Slide-out, Lift-up Bench bed: to serve as an extra bed; as a bench; and maximize storage
  • Snomaster CL56D Dual Fridge/Freezer: to keep all the produce fresh and the drinks cool!
  • Furrion 17” Oven/Range: for cooking and baking
  • Full size bed
  • Roof rack
  • 2 Solar Panels
  • Goal Zero Yeti 3000x Power


Follow the build journal and the adventures here:

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